Queen Of Diamonds Meaning

Queen Of Diamonds Meaning

What does the line in Desperado mean that you don't tie with the Queen of Diamonds, boy? ۔

The lyrics are as follows:

Don't drag the diamond queen boy, projectiles will kill you when you can.

They know that the Queen of Hearts is always their best bet.

Now I think there are beautiful things on your table,

But you just want what you can't get.

It's hard to say exactly what it means, I'm sure it has many meanings and is basically open to interpretation.

I think that means the queen of diamonds is a symbol of a special kind of woman. She is not the right kind of woman for a man whose song C. Queen of Hearts is now always the best choice because she is a woman who will love a man for her and who she is. Diamond Queen is the opposite because it's mostly for her own good and she basically wants to get this guy for everything. Think of the melodies of your choice, just what you can't do, which may mean that the guy needs what in front of him, but he may think that he can't get them or It's wrong to follow, it could be the Queen of Diamonds, no, I know.

The whole song is basically love and loneliness, and it is impossible for man to fear or love or be loved. You may find many references in other texts, especially in the text I have given you. It will help you a little bit, for example.

Queen Of Diamonds Meaning