Que Significa 11 11

Que Significa 11 11

11:11 What does it mean to watch RAW?

In this harmony !!

I think harmony, this coincidence (I put them in prices because I don't think they're coincidental, but there's a reason they exist) that would only matter to one person, and that one Are blinking Or any message He sent you for guidance or help in the universe, God, Goddess, God, Nature, Great Spirit, whatever you call upon.

When you mention 11:11, I was thinking about what happened to the Twin Towers and I don't know some of the information that came with Eddie, which I think is very true, I guess. Reading something about the camouflage that we don't know next, p 11:11. You are attractive. I've read (and tried to accept the idea) that planets meet human-like energy lines, that they care about energy vortices, in the case of mbres bicycles, and therefore This planet is the size of a storm. Because of the many factors at these centers, they are filled with negative energy that makes the planet sick (our negative emotions and actions such as murder, war, rape and other horrible acts, like we and as a whole, We are. This planet, and it bothers us. We can see in destruction that you see me as a way to clean and sanitize the planet. I think we can help that way. And can make their leaps without pain.

In acupuncture, for example, needles are placed at specific points on the human body's energy line to balance the flow of energy and to find harmony and balance. The same is true of the earth, and we will become like needles that help balance our energies with our emotions and feelings of love, it seems as we get older and the vision This will be done with a hook or bow. Fourth and fifth dimensions we can help this planet reach the frequency of love. I'm wandering around with your black colors, I leave a link to a chapter of a book that explains it very well, I recommend the whole book especially this chapter:

NO, 22 is not a master number.

The portal looks like:

1992 Portal open from 11:11 a.m. to 2012

The time we have been waiting for has finally arrived. We are on the verge of a great adventure! This great adventure is the fulfillment of our divine mission on planet earth. The results of the third and fourth dimensional experiments allow us to move towards real skills and freedom. We are entering the time of completion.

This is nothing new and unexpected, as we have brought with us sealed memories, knowledge and commands that we will continue to serve, encoded in our mobile memory banks. It entered us long before we experienced our first descent into matter.

The most important reason we come to earth is to fulfill our divine mission.

In our incarnation cycle of the whole earth, when the extraordinary time comes, we volunteer to serve to the best of our ability. And the time is fig. The sound of the Day of Judgment spread throughout the heavens, calling us to remember it, and finally to find us in all our glory and authority. They were piled up.

We request activation. This activation means that each of us makes a very important decision with lasting results. Our choice is whether the service interviewers there are honored by our whole being and our unwavering commitment to serving our higher selves. That's what we're all about.

Our decisions should be made with full awareness and please choose wisely as the consequences of your choice will be with you for a while at this stage of your life.

Good times require reflection as well as good practice. Together we have a lot to bring. Much more than we can imagine today.

For Earth itself, this is the last time of the three-dimensional model, and the one that has supported our needs for so long does not need to help it emerge in the new staff of consciousness. And as midwives on Earth, we, the human race, wake up on Earth, born into a new evolutionary spiral.

The number 22 means that if you add 11 + 11 it is equal to 22

They are number two, parent number, 11 and 22.

In essence, they represent the highest aspect that a person can achieve. The person you keep in your numberscope will have a special gift and not everyone will be able to live with the requirements of these numbers.

First, as insiders, they can tell us about a special person who came to this world to help others and, to some extent, to make sacrifices for them.

Simply put, 11 can represent someone like Einstein, who with his great ideology and influence made a significant contribution to human development.

The 22nd can be made a symbol of Gandhi, who with his peaceful thinking succeeded in uniting all the Indian powers to achieve independence.

P can also have its own dark side, with the help of which some creatures will try their best to become evil influences.

No. 22

What represents:

From the biblical tradition 22 explains its meaning, saying:

22 children of the Hebrew alphabet

22 Things God Made in 6 Days of Creation

In the process of creation, God limits Himself to the designation of creatures who immediately appear in response to this number and are anointed.

This happened to me with almost the entire flash instead of 1 special

For a long time

Raise your hands to the sky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This door will be opened for you, as you enter 11 and exit the nation, therefore, anyone can fall into an unusable way (for which you are not looking or searching). You can ask him questions. It's true, many times I agreed and they told me what they gave me

Que Significa 11 11

Que Significa 11 11

MMMM ... PSSS .... La Naples ... La Naples



In fact, RAW is pointless.

Remember that the age system is used.

So one of the mythical meanings is 10:10

Because at 10:10 the handle is in parallel position

So they make an angle of 120 of with each other.

And, therefore, the sectarianism in the third right of the dial.



La, in this .. one of the reasons for the regret is that the repetition of numbers affects our Amariyo .. otherwise 11.11 is 22.22 ra ... in 24 hours flush .. remember that this number is equal to 13 or. This happened in 1919 or 1991 and the same common fear came in 1000 or 2000.

In fact, closer to our Western culture, there has been a superstitious belief in reading everyday stories of Greeks or Romans.

Nesto, and thanks for thinking us to make Sunday happy.

I am Belgian

PS Congratulations to Wicca's Witch Adri for clarifying our mission on this planet Earth. Sincere and sincere

Well, it's a coincidence, I don't think it makes sense

Peace, Greeting

Hahahahahaha ....

You look at my watch. There is a big difference between us.

And 23:11 .. hahaha

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Que Significa 11 11