Que Sera Meaning

Que Sera Meaning

What is a Sierra Sierra? ۔

My daughter is from school and she told me that she has learned to sing a sera sera. So the name is Sierra Sierra whatever it is ... He asked about the meaning of Sierra Sierra. Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

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Thanks to everyone who responded, I thought that would be it. Is it in Spanish? What is Que et Sera?

I just found a good song on the web:

http://www.brix.de/bliothek/liederbuch/que_sera ....

A friend referred me to a free translation service.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Spain is what you want to be.

Portuguese What should you be?

The literal meaning is y.

But in music it means that whatever happens will happen. Music instantly tells you what it means, what it will be, whatever it is.

Que Sera Meaning