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What is CCINADO or CUIL?

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CUIT is a unique tax identification key used by individuals or companies prior to AFIP as a company.

CUIL is a unique laboratory identification code used by individuals as employees before ANSES

He argues that there is a unique key here that CUIT and CUIL will be called CUIP (Individual Unique Identification Code).

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CUL: Individual Identification Code Laboratory, available for free on DNA, identifies workers.

Cocked: A unique tax identification code, available free of charge from the AFIP agency, which identifies individuals registered with the national tax.

Both are the same number in the AAAAZ format, where:

That's 20 for men, 27 for women and 30 for other organizations. For men or women, temen can be 23, 24, 25 or 26. For other entities, Taman can be 33, 34, 35 or 36.

Document numbers for YYYYYYYY individuals and over 50,000,000 for other companies.

Z is a check diode that is calculated to avoid errors.

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Cockade: As they say, this is a unique tax identification code. . Or engage in tax-related business activities. Always be a snake or a community or company partner.

Copy your sick number. And if it's a company ... it contains a number assigned by the collecting agency.

With CUIT, you only pay AFIP or DGI tax. Responsible for cooking, monotribus or registration. And everyone else has the same tax. For example, if you are a mono tax holder, you will have to pay: mono tax (this is a monthly amount regardless of the category listed) .. and in the case of employees, social security contributions. And if the registered person is responsible, you pay: VAT, rent, personal items ...

All I mean by that is what you are ready to wear, you don't pay a certain amount to pick it up.

CUL: A laboratory of unique identification codes. Free You can apply for or get a certificate on the Internet and it's free. It is similar to CUIT and is used when entering into a dependency relationship. You can ask from birth until you stop working, you can't use it. Your CUIT number has been assigned to all of your legal assistance, community participation, etc.

Thus, a two-year-old child has the burden of identifying and assisting with CUIT and is obliged to pay taxes according to his activity and the type of scheme (monotex or registered).

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Who knows what the prefix and suffix of CUIT mean?

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Tweet is a unique key to tax identification that you must implement before the AFIP to complete the 11 Gods activity, where both promises identify what type of person, whether legal entity or Individual, and physically within that person, if the name or spouse number 8 here is your DNI number if you are an individual, and if you are a legal entity, this is the number copied by AFIP Gone, the rest of Dave is a number that is now assigned by AFIP, I want to decide, it comes automatically via random Commodora, the number of lycites of each act is different. And according to the CUIL number, the unique key of the ID lab, if the divinity of these two keys is the same, has a different meaning because the partnership consists of two different parts, in the case of CUIT they Have an ID with FIP and rent, in case of your CEL this is your ID number.

If you would like to edit the CUIT, you can contact the AFIP office that corresponds to the person's address, and if you wish to edit the CUIT, you can contact one of the 19 offices. Can be contacted at

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