Que Comen Los Hurones

Que Comen Los Hurones

Can anyone tell me what desi ferrets eat? 3

Whoever has them, tell me how they are because they are giving me ferrets.


I read the answer, there will be no special savory food in Argentina like in Mexico, so I think you have to embrace our potential from here.

As a carnivore, it will not be difficult to know if you need vitamin fortification or other supplements.

I suggest you fly through college to find out a little bit, and while you're here, say hello to an old friend ...

Do you want a story?

Ferrets are also used in food shops, especially those owned by Spanish owners, to repel rats. After all, he made a living with rats (SICs) ... what do you think ... have you heard of him before?

Enjoy your new little friend and tell us what it was like when he delivered it to you.

I kissed you.

Go to Food for Gauss and Food for Horos, where you will find the answers to all your questions.

In fact, they are cute little animals, I have two cats and they make us laugh and have a lot of fun.

Que Comen Los Hurones

Que Comen Los Hurones

NS! I have something my son is allergic to. All I can say is that how little time I have is that they are really funny. I told my son that when he grows up and gets married, I will find myself buying someone else. (Haha my son is 11 years old so he still remembers hahaha)

Sincerely, mine entered this pow very well.

Urunon is not domestic, which deceives him. And when you get used to chaos, you lose a lot. That they give you, they also eat special food just for urination.

Remember that these are wild animals, even if they were born in captivity, you can never get rid of the wild wildness of Uranus (other blades cannot be controlled), nor can they kill cats. Can live together

The doctor is sitting.

Hey, look at this page. Find good things to know a little bit about everything ... http://www.hurones.cl/alimentacion.htm


Que Comen Los Hurones