Que Comen Las Lechuzas

Que Comen Las Lechuzas

I have mourning, what do you eat? 3

My husband got a little uza browncito prece a garnish, he cut the feathers a little and put it in a quiet box, covered it with some meat and some water and some time later at about 5 o'clock we followed his footsteps. Heard the voice and he was on top, we wanted to stop and he fell, did not stand, for a moment he thought he was right (■■■■) but he did not move and opened his eyes to what happened to him. Was wrong !! ?? Because I don't want to hurt the cheetah .. I was already in the ksa when I came and what to do with this bird I had to wait for the wings to grow I was worried that when it plucked its wings it would Will not stop up

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ........... I can't sleep.

In fact, mourning is difficult.

Prime is small, which makes it very easy, the insects need to be crushed with some water.

You are a little ugly

p is what you eat.

Or try minced meat in small pieces or minced meat, as these are just birds of prey and need meat to revive them.

See you soon and hope to grow up to be healthy and upright.

Please give me something *****

Oza is a safe animal so it is not a toy, you can cut off its wings and it will be kept in captivity. Take her to the Bird of Pre-Conservation Center, where they will learn how to feed and bet her to return to a free life.

Animals are living things, not jewelry.

Your son is precious to me, his weight does not give me this right, if I find him on the road I will take him home and break his legs so that he does not run away, I will take him to the police. To come home

Let's be polite

jjajajajja If all this is true then don't tell me he eats.

They usually eat rats.

Que Comen Las Lechuzas

Que Comen Las Lechuzas

See, the best option we can offer is to take you to the doctor.

Since this is not a pet that can be found by a doctor, the fall of its beak means that it is not eating well or is being beaten.

I recommend keeping an eye on her at night and taking her to the doctor.

over it

Bú and Uza are very carnivorous, the size of the prey is proportional to the size of the bird. The prey type is quite large, with some insects (insects, beetles, cricket and locusts) and spiders such as rats (rats, in fact).

Happiness with your pet.

Well, it looks like you have Uza Picnic, do a Google image search to find the type so you can find out better. I thought I would die. What should I do if I have to go to the doctor? does...

Uzas usually eat small mice and amphibians .... you better wait until they grow a little, because they look very small ... try to feed the ground meat in the beak Do (as you believe) and don't be locked in a cage. Fear can kill them.

Que Comen Las Lechuzas

Que Comen Las Lechuzas

He doesn't eat fruit, you can only give him a piece of meat! If the cage is large enough to accommodate straight logs, they will love this new type of log! And there is no shortage of water.


I'm telling you because I have ...

Of course, if it's big, you can cut the meat a little bigger.

You did it! I can't sleep when I see what's inside.

Chuza Muxo liked it, right?

Then xq .cottle he cut on his own !!!!!!!

You may not be able to balance this unfortunate thing!

Your warm hedges! Come with Harry!

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance.

Hey you added one! Poor! Take her to the vet.

And then release them

Que Comen Las Lechuzas