Definition of Quasi:

  1. Apparently but not really; seemingly.

  2. Not actually but seemingly, in some degree or sense, resembling, nearly. Latin for, approximately, as if, as if it were.

Synonyms of Quasi

Supposedly, Seemingly, Apparently, Allegedly, Reportedly, Professedly, Ostensibly, On the face of it, To all appearances, On the surface, To all intents and purposes, Outwardly, Superficially, Purportedly, Nominally, By its own account, By ones own account, On paper, Affected, Apishly, Apocryphal, Approximate, Approximating, Approximative, Artificial, As it were, Assumably, Assumed, Assumedly, Assumptively, Bastard, Bogus, Brummagem, Byname, Close, Cognominal, Colorable, Colored, Counterfeit, Counterfeited, Diminutive, Distorted, Dressed up, Dummy, Embellished, Embroidered, Epithetic, Ersatz, Factitious, Fake, Faked, Falsified, Feigned, Fictitious, Fictive, Forged, Formal, Garbled, Hokey, Honorific, Hypocoristic, Illegitimate, Imitation, Imitatively, In name only, In seeming, Junky, Make-believe, Man-made, Mock, Much at one, Much the same, Near, Nearly the same, Nominal, Nominative, Onomatopoetically, Perverted, Phony, Pinchbeck, Plagiarized, Presumably, Presumedly, Presumptively, Pretended, Pseudo, Put-on, Queer, Reputedly, Same but different, Seemingly, Self-called, Self-christened, Self-styled, Sham, Shoddy, Simulated, So-called, Soi-disant, Spurious, Supposably, Supposedly, Suppositionally, Supposititious, Supposititiously, Synthetic, Synthetically, Tin, Tinsel, Titivated, Titular, Twisted, Unauthentic, Ungenuine, Unnatural, Unreal, Warped, Would-be

How to use Quasi in a sentence?

  1. Quasi-American.

Meaning of Quasi & Quasi Definition