Quasi-Reorganization means,

  • Definition of Quasi-Reorganization: An upcoming restructuring is a relatively obscure provision under the USA GAAP that allows, under certain conditions, the company to close its deficit in earnings by correcting assets, liabilities and equity in the same way as bankruptcy. The company's shareholders must approve the changes to the accounting, which must restore the company's books as if the new company had taken possession of the old company's assets and liabilities.

  • A type of restructuring in which management, with the approval of shareholders, reassesses the ASSET and eliminates deficiencies (which may increase with the depreciation of assets) that result in other equity accounts. No legal action should be taken or legal action should be taken. .

Literal Meanings of Quasi-Reorganization


Meanings of Reorganization:
  1. The process or process of changing the way things are organized.

Sentences of Reorganization
  1. Many companies are undergoing major restructuring

  2. The managing director recently announced a staff reshuffle.

  3. Internal reorganization is needed to convert the building into a large gallery.

  4. The company's executive vice president said the restructuring was important.

  5. Following the reorganization of the U.S. military in 1866, Watkins was assigned to command the 20th Infantry in Richmond, Virginia.

  6. He attributed the restructuring of the 143-year-old Bolshoi Theater renovation project.

  7. Closed for four years for renovations and reorganizations, the museum reopened in January this year with great success.

  8. Which president or CEO has not undergone stabilization or restructuring?

  9. The activity is part of the department's three-year curriculum restructuring, which emphasizes the assessment of core competencies and competencies.