Quasi-public corporation

Quasi-public corporation,

Definition of Quasi-public corporation:

  1. A company that is privately owned but is regulated by the government. Employees are not compensated by the government. An example would be a federal subcontractor on a Navy contract.

  2. A company whose shares are traded freely on a stock exchange.

  3. Most quasi-public corporations began as government agencies, but have since become separate entities. They are often also referred to as public service corporations.

  4. A quasi-public corporation is a company in the private sector that is supported by the government with a public mandate to provide a given service. Examples include telegraph and telephone companies, oil and gas, water, and electric light companies, and irrigation companies.

How to use Quasi-public corporation in a sentence?

  1. At stake is the future of the worlds second most important market trading shares in public companies.

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