Definition of Quash:

  1. Reject or void, especially by legal procedure.

  2. Abate, annul, make void, terminate, or throw out an action, appeal, indictment, subpoena, or summons.

Synonyms of Quash

Abate, Abrogate, Annihilate, Annul, Asphyxiate, Black out, Bottle up, Cancel, Censor, Choke, Choke off, Clamp down on, Cork, Cork up, Crack down on, Crush, Damp down, Discharge, Dissolve, Drown, Extinguish, Gag, Hold down, Hugger-mugger, Hush, Hush up, Hush-hush, Invalidate, Jump on, Keep down, Keep under, Kill, Muffle, Muzzle, Negate, Nullify, Overrule, Overthrow, Overwhelm, Pour water on, Put down, Put out, Quell, Quench, Reject, Repress, Rescind, Reverse, Revoke, Set aside, Shush, Shut down on, Silence, Sit down on, Sit on, Smash, Smother, Snuff out, Squash, Squelch, Stamp out, Stanch, Stifle, Strangle, Stultify, Subdue, Suffocate, Suppress, Throttle, Throw out, Trample out, Trample underfoot, Undo, Vacate, Vitiate, Void, Cancel, Reverse, Rescind, Repeal, Revoke, Retract, Countermand, Withdraw, Take back, Rule against, Disallow, Overturn, Override, Overrule, Veto, Set aside, Overthrow, Repudiate, Annul, Nullify, Declare null and void, Invalidate, Render invalid, Negate, Void, Abrogate

How to use Quash in a sentence?

  1. His conviction was quashed on appeal.

Meaning of Quash & Quash Definition


What is The Definition of Quash?

  1. Canceling or canceling assignments, assignments, etc.

Meanings of Quash

  1. Rejection or revocation, especially through legal process.

Sentences of Quash

  1. His sentence was overturned on appeal