Definition of Quartile:

  1. One of the three points that divides the data area or population into four equal parts.

    The smallest number of the first quartile (also known as the bottom) figure is 25%. The second quarter (median) divides the area in half and is 50. of the following figure. The third quartile (also known as the upper quartile) contains the following 75% and the first 25% of the previous figure. See also intermediate titles and percentages.

  2. One of the four groups in which the population can be divided on the basis of the distribution of some variable values.

  3. Quartile is a statistical term that describes the distribution of an observation based on the value of the data and its comparison with all observations in four explanatory intervals. .

  4. To understand mosques, it is important to understand the central as a measure of the central trend. The median is the median of a series of statistics. This is where half of the data is below and above the average.

How to use Quartile in a sentence?

  1. I had to find the middle number between the smallest and the middle number and my friend told me it was called quarter.
  2. Quartiles are used to calculate the intercatel range, a measure of the variability around the median.
  3. In the Upper Quarter, the average age is 72 years.
  4. Our candidate is in the first quarter of his IQ rankings, so it is clear that he has all the skills needed to succeed.
  5. If you try to separate and subtract the numbers, it will be easier to see where each quarter is.
  6. The quarter divides the data into three points (lower, middle and upper quartz) to form four groups in a set of data.
  7. Quartiles measure the dispersion of values ‚Äč‚Äčabove and below the average, dividing the distribution into four groups.

Meaning of Quartile & Quartile Definition