How To Define Quarter?

  1. Intervals of three months of the year.

Meanings of Quarter

  1. Divide it into four equal or equal parts.

  2. Placed or placed in a specific place.

  3. Transport in any direction or cross (area).

  4. Displays the inside of the shield (different coat of arms), especially to show the coat of arms inherited from the married heirs in the bride's family.

  5. One of the four equal or related parts in which an object can be divided.

  6. A quarter of a pound

  7. Horses or backs of horses

  8. A part of a city with a specific usage or character.

  9. The direction of one of the cardinal points, especially the direction where the wind is blowing.

  10. Rooms or residences, especially those reserved for military or domestic service personnel.

Sentences of Quarter

  1. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice

  2. Many are kept in tents

  3. We saw some kingfishers scattering in the river in search of small fish

  4. Edward III defeated the French royal arm with himself

  5. He cut each apple into four pieces

  6. It can be made in different sizes of liquids, gels or creams from one part of the bounce to a quarter of a pound or more.

  7. They have a strong, muscular environment.

  8. It is a beautiful port city with an interesting medieval area.

  9. The weather is great, the course is stable and the surrounding winds are best suited to test golfers as much as they can on nine deep holes.

Synonyms of Quarter

part, accommodate, home, quad , indulgence, rooms, accommodation, two bits , give a roof to, traverse, section, fourth , quadrant , division , neighbourhood, tract, tolerance, area, charity, lodge, section , term , shelter, house, range over

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