Quarter-to-Date (QTD)

Quarter-to-Date (QTD),

What is Quarter-to-Date (QTD)?

  1. QuartetDate (QTD) is the interval between which current business activity is recorded and occurs between the start of the current quarter and the time of data collection at the end of the quarter. Quarterly information is usually collected in situations where the full quarterly period has not yet elapsed and may allow management to track quarterly progress.

    • Quarterly History (QTY) is a period during which the company's financial information is recorded from the end of the quarter.
    • A quarterly review is requested before the end of the quarter to see if the company is on track to achieve its quarterly results.
    • Quarterly reports allow management to adjust direction if financial goals are not met.
    • Quarterly analysis is most useful at the end of the quarter, when there is plenty of time to gather meaningful data.
    • However, necessary changes based on quarterly data will have a greater impact at the beginning of the quarter.
    • Quarterly information is primarily for internal use and not for external use.

Literal Meanings of Quarter-to-Date (QTD)


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