Definition of Quart:

  1. The unit of liquid capacity of one liter or two liters is about 0.94 liters in the United States and about 1.13 liters in the United Kingdom.

  2. (In the game) Four straight cards of the same suit.

  3. Fourth out of eight standard stop positions.

  4. Conventional volume unit, one liter. One US liter equals 57.75 cubic inches, 32 ounces of fluid, or about 0.95 liters. One British liter equals 69.35 cubic inches, 40 fluid ounces or 1.14 liters.

Synonyms of Quart

Cup, Finger, Cord, Milliliter, Decaliter, Peck, Fifth, Gallon, Dkl, Dry pint, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Barrel, Hogshead, Cubic foot, Cubic meter, Decastere, Gill, Yard, Drop, Jigger, Pony, Deciliter, Jeroboam, Kiloliter, Pint, Bushel, Magnum, Minim

How to use Quart in a sentence?

  1. Two liters of milk.
  2. That is, how to strike, block the room, scandal, etc.
  3. The sequence of the three cards is called the third of the four, the fourth of the five, the fifth of the sixth, the sixth of the seventh, the eighth, the seventh, the eighth.

Meaning of Quart & Quart Definition

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