Quantum means,

  1. A simple definition of Quantum is: The amount requested or agreed upon, especially the amount to be paid in compensation


Meanings of Quantum

  1. An abstract amount of energy is proportional to the frequency of the radiation represented.

  2. Required or agreed amount, ie the amount that has to be paid by law.

Sentences of Quantum

  1. This extra energy is emitted in the amount of electromagnetic radiation (light photons), the difference in electricity in its orbit is exactly the same as the way electrons pass through.

  2. The court must. The amount of damages must be determined

Synonyms of Quantum

measure , quota, amount, portion , bulk, unit , amount , total, quantity, sum , total , proportion

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Quantum: What is the Meaning of Quantum?

  • Quantum can be defined as, Amount requested or approved, ie amount of compensation under the law.

Meanings of Quantum

  1. A diverse amount of energy in proportion to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

  2. Amount requested or approved, ie amount of compensation under the law.

Sentences of Quantum

  1. The court will have to determine the amount of damages.


What Does Quantum Mean?

You can define Quantum as, A required or agreed amount, especially a legally valid amount.

Meanings of Quantum

  1. An abstract amount of energy proportional to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

  2. Required or authorized amount, ie the amount of legal compensation.