Quanto Custa Um Pitbull

Quanto Custa Um Pitbull

How much does it cost to cut a pit ear?

Prices averaged R $ 250.00 or R $ 300.00, but now from Multi-LSS or Orilla, the aspect is more dynamic, beautiful and with more perforated faces, which is worth as much as mine or mine. .

D2, why do you want to cut off his ear?

but what? Do you know what id id prodo !!!!!!

Also it was only done to fight dogs so that the other dog would either not or get too much blood on the field to fight ... and eat for inhuman and forbidden TB!

Not a pit bull to be more precise, cut the ear to look like a pit bull and bring some bad guys !!! Or that he really needs a balanced and loving gift, care and passion to become a monster for the boy to watch on TV.

Take good care of it !!!

A strong pit bull, more precisely a lot of corn ... or you are the first victim of it !!!

Think about it !!!!

I want something that looks like a lot of Mac, or commands respect, or half of us, or style comes and goes from you !!! Cut yourself !!!!!

First cut and see how much it costs

Cut off the ear and the rim

First ... why cut?

And the law of distortion

Please don't face it

Cherry ... really agreed with you !!! Do you think that if they cut off the ear of a puppet, you will not? what should I do:

> First own

Why do you want to do that = 0

Right .. !!!

Quanto Custa Um Pitbull