Quantity-Adjusting Option (Quanto Option)

Quantity-Adjusting Option (Quanto Option),

What Does Quantity-Adjusting Option (Quanto Option) Mean?

Value adjustment options, also known as quantum options, are derivatives of different currencies settled in cash, with the underlying currency being added to a different currency than the currency used for options.

Literal Meanings of Quantity-Adjusting Option (Quanto Option)


Meanings of Quantity:
  1. The number or quantity of solid or non-solid objects that cannot normally be measured by local measurements.

  2. Period of pronunciation of understood sound or letter.

  3. A value or component that can be expressed in numbers.

Sentences of Quantity
  1. The quantity and quality of fruits can be tested

  2. In language, this feature is reflected in the acoustic measurement.

  3. Another important quantity is a single point cluster C coefficient.

Synonyms of Quantity

area, extent, quota, size, mass, amount, load, total, number, consignment, aggregate, sum, weight, bulk, group, expanse, length, volume


Meanings of Adjusting:
  1. Easily edit or move (multiple) to get the fit, appearance or desired result.

  2. Assessment (loss or damage) in resolving insurance claims.

Sentences of Adjusting
  1. She straightened her hair and smoothed her tie

  2. The insurance agent may be responsible for adjusting for small losses

Synonyms of Adjusting

alter, modify, regulate, tune, balance, calibrate, fine-tune


Meanings of Option:
  1. Anything that can be selected.

  2. Aggressive game where the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or play late.

Sentences of Option
  1. Your second script has been selected while reading

Synonyms of Option

possibility, course of action, alternative, choice, recourse