Quantitative data

Quantitative data,

Definition of Quantitative data:

  1. Data that may be suitable for measurement, validation and statistical manipulation. Explain quantitative data when describing qualitative numbers.

How to use Quantitative data in a sentence?

  1. The psychology professor rejected Ted's article because he thought it was Ted's opinion and did not have enough quantitative data to support his conclusions.
  2. I came home to do the census. Data collected in an office. You examine the information and write it down as quantitative data.
  3. We try to study to find out what our customers think, but we don't have enough quantitative data to confirm that our study is representative.

Meaning of Quantitative data & Quantitative data Definition

Quantitative Data

Numerically measurable data. Think of the number of visitors to a website or the time they spend on certain activities.

Unlike qualitative data, quantitative data can actually be measured numerically. This type of data includes the number of visitors who visited the website, time spent on the website, and more.