Quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis,

Definition of Quantitative analysis:

  1. Measurement of the quantities of particular constituents present in a substance.

  2. Analysis of a situation or event, especially a financial market, by means of complex mathematical and statistical modeling.

  3. Examination of measurable and verifiable data such as earnings, revenue, wages, market share, etc. See also qualitative analysis.

How to use Quantitative analysis in a sentence?

  1. My dad started doing a quantitative analysis on our company to see how well we were doing compared to last year.
  2. I did a lot of quantitative analysis early in my career, translating information into insight.
  3. If you want to take on a new project but arent sure if its worth the risk you must do a full quantitative analysis to make the best decision.
  4. The quantitative analysis indicated that numbers do not lie because we were having problems making ends meet and now we understand why.
  5. Molecular weight measurements are now routinely utilized in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of macromolecules.

Meaning of Quantitative analysis & Quantitative analysis Definition