Quantas Calorias Perde Pulando Corda

Quantas Calorias Perde Pulando Corda

One minute when the rope burns 15 Kcal? 3

Is it true that I burn 15 calories in a minute? This is a lie because it forces you to eat 300 calories, eri 20 minutes, I have 600 calories, r should be forty minutes r 900 calories r ah, so .. you can do 20 minutes, when I have one thing Be aware, but twenty minutes and then twenty more is a complete rage, meaning I've lost 900 calories, I have to stop, or it's impossible!

None of them stopped for RAW, but he was afraid that they would get tired and hopeless and turn to other activities.

By weight of 70 kg ......

Kiss 8 kcal / min

Walking 5.5 kcal / min

Representing 520 kcal / ra

Expensive walk 240 kcal / ra

Buy without supermarket 270 kcal / ra

Run 10 kcal / min.

500 to 900 kcal per hour. Let it run

Cooking 168 kcal / ra

Salt dance £ 3.5 kcal / min

Fast dance 605 kcal / ra

77 kcal / ra special

Hate 95 kcal / year

Sleep 60 kcal / year

Write 10 to 20 kcal / ra.

Study 120 kcal / year

Training fee 310 kcal / ra

Talking on the telephone at 85 kcal / ra

Love 190 kcal / ra

Stand up straight © 130 kcal / ra

Playing video games 108 kcal / ra

Household cleaning 300 kcal / ra

r rope 15 kcal / min

1000 kcal / ra on the stairs

Light powder work © 150 kcal / ra

Home psychiatry 60 kcal / ra

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It depends, you are very fast, you can eat Ammar. And if you are too fast I will not stay and will not get 10 minutes. Or do melr  © r rope and other exercises (walking, swimming, aerobics) and especially those that are not just the calories you eat. * Nutritionists *

It's just that, but some things burn calories.

Running: 20 calories per minute

Rope: 15 calories per minute

Speed: 15 calories per minute

Fight pounds: 14.4 calories per minute

Swimming (butterfly): 14 calories per minute

Scale: 14 calories per minute

Thickness: 13.3 calories per minute

Judo / Karate: 13 calories per minute

Dance: 6 calories per minute

Non-shallow walk: 8 calories per minute

Box: 9 calories per minute

Basketball: 9 calories per minute

Handball: 10 calories per minute

Tennis: 11 calories per minute

Walking in Sweat: 11 calories per minute

Swimming: 12 calories per minute

I want corn to know a lot of things, don't try to google it, you will find a lot of interesting things and slavery beyond your doubts =)

r rope? There is more to burning than courage

No. More burns or burns ... LOL

Quantas Calorias Perde Pulando Corda

Quantas Calorias Perde Pulando Corda

Only Google answers you.

Quantas Calorias Perde Pulando Corda