Quality control (QC)

Quality control (QC),

Definition of Quality control (QC):

  1. This aspect of the quality assurance process consists of activities used to identify and measure the diversity of production features that can be linked to production systems and corrective measures.

  2. System to maintain standards in finished products by testing output standards against specifications.

How to use Quality control (QC) in a sentence?

  1. The quality control of this process is excellent, because we can complete this project earlier than expected despite some difficulties in the beginning.
  2. I felt that when I moved to California, growing up in this small town gave me quality control.
  3. There is a tendency towards confusion when the free market requires quality control and free competition.
  4. You should always follow the quality control guidelines to see if your company is doing the right thing.

Meaning of Quality control (QC) & Quality control (QC) Definition