Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance,

Quality Assurance Meanings:

  1. ME is a system in which the quality of service delivery or product is kept at a high level, especially at every stage of the process.

Literal Meanings of Quality Assurance


Meanings of Quality:
  1. The measure of something in relation to other things of the same thing is the degree of excellence of something.

  2. Specific attributes of someone or something.

Synonyms of Quality

level, characteristic, status, attribute, peculiarity, condition, class, trait, classification, nature, form, feature, value, standard, grade, quirk, facet, idiosyncrasy, rank, streak, worth, point, property, aspect, character, side, constitution, calibre, make-up


Meanings of Assurance:
  1. A positive statement in which a promise must be trusted.

  2. Belief in your abilities.

Sentences of Assurance
  1. Assured that work will not resume until Wednesday

  2. After a smooth start to the year, the number of employees in the insurance, insurance and insurance insurance sectors increased significantly this month.

Synonyms of Assurance

poise, oath, self-assurance, faith in oneself, cover, belief in oneself, self-confidence, aplomb, indemnification, undertaking, commitment, phlegm, level-headedness, confidence, affirmation, cool-headedness, surety, avowal, positiveness, bond, guarantee, pledge, assertiveness, security, coverage, insurance, self-possession