Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Market research that does not use numerical data, but is based on interviews, focus groups, catalog grids, etc., generally produces more detailed but also more subjective results than quantitative research.

Literal Meanings of Qualitative Research


Meanings of Qualitative:
  1. Something of good quality.

  2. Descriptions or awards based on quality, not quantity.

  3. A form of analysis that indicates the identity of a compound.


Meanings of Research:
  1. Careful research or testing to establish facts, principles, theories, applications, etc. Diligent or continuous search for the truth.

  2. A special case or subject of study.

  3. Seek or seek with constant zeal to seek diligently.

  4. Conduct a thorough investigation.

  5. Search again.

Sentences of Research
  1. The research station where and his team are located is on the outskirts of Lijiang, a city of about 1.2 million inhabitants.

Qualitative Research