Qualifying Widow(er)

Qualifying Widow(er),

Qualifying Widow(er) means,

  1. The deposit status is claimed by the taxpayer whose spouse died during the tax year. This status entitles the taxpayer to the benefits of the tax rate and the combined return. If a widow is dependent and does not remarry, she can be widowed for another 2 years.

Literal Meanings of Qualifying Widow(er)


Meanings of Qualifying:
  1. Qualifying stage of the sports event.

  2. Name someone or something that qualifies for something.

  3. Designation of the sports event qualifying stage.

Sentences of Qualifying
  1. The scheme will provide tax benefits to eligible patients.

  2. The team finished the qualifying round in fifth place overall.


Meanings of Widow:
  1. If you become a widow or widow, you will lose your mate.

  2. A woman who lost her partner in ■■■■■ and never remarried.

  3. A last word or short line in a paragraph that is at the top of a page or column and is considered nonsense.

Sentences of Widow
  1. She just became a widow

  2. When her husband died, the widow often planned a life full of abuse and humiliation.

Synonyms of Widow

single, unmarried, unwed, unwedded


Meanings of Er:
  1. Express doubts.

  2. The chemical element airbeam.

  3. Emergency department.

  4. Queen Elizabeth.

Sentences of Er
  1. "Would you like some tea?" "Yes ... thank you."