Qualifying Period

Qualifying Period,

What is The Meaning of Qualifying Period?

  • Qualifying Period means, The length of time an employee must be engaged before being entitled to various benefits or filing a complaint about unlawful dismissal.

Literal Meanings of Qualifying Period


Meanings of Qualifying:
  1. Qualifying stage of the sports event.

  2. It refers to something else that qualifies for something.

  3. This refers to the qualifying phase of a sports event.

Sentences of Qualifying
  1. Under this scheme, tax incentives will be provided to eligible patients

  2. The team finished the qualifying round in fifth overall position


Meanings of Period:
  1. The time interval between successive events in the same state, such as an oscillatory or cyclonic phenomenon, such as mechanical vibrations, alternating currents, variable stars, or electromagnetic waves.

  2. Blood and other substances are detected from the uterine lining in pregnant women at an interval of about 28 days between puberty and menopause and usually last for several days.

  3. Complex sentences, especially sentences that consist of several sentences and are formed as part of a formal speech or sentence.

  4. In the style or design of a property, a feature or characteristics of past historical times.

Sentences of Period
  1. It has its own rules

  2. As he spoke, he threw the tip of a lighted cigar into the air, as if disrupting punishment with a gesture of fire in the air.

  3. Property trends can also be predicted in horizontal lines or periods because moving from left to right in a line involves only one electron, the atomic number changes one by one.

Synonyms of Period

menstrual flow, stage, interval, space, chapter, point, nostalgic, spell, stop, of yesteryear, term, period, olde worlde, time, bout, span, phase, stretch, duration, session