Definition of Qualified:

  1. Entity that has acquired a recognized certificate, degree, or professional standing and/or has demonstrated the ability to handle and successfully completes qualifying tasks.

Synonyms of Qualified

A propos, Able, Acceptable, Accomplished, Ad rem, Adapted, Adept, Adjusted, Admissible, Altered, Applicable, Apposite, Appropriate, Apropos, Apt, Au fait, Becoming, Befitting, Better, Bound, Bounded, Boxed in, Capable, Changeable, Changed, Checked out, Circumscribed, Competent, Conditional, Conditioned, Confined, Contingent, Converted, Copyrighted, Cramped, Definite, Degenerate, Deserved, Desirable, Determined, Deviant, Disciplined, Divergent, Dovetailing, Earned, Efficient, Eligible, Enfranchised, Entitled, Equal to, Equipped, Experienced, Expert, Felicitous, Finite, Fit, Fitted, Fitted for, Fitting, Fixed, Geared, Good, Happy, Hedged, Hedged about, Hedged in, Hemmed in, Icebound, Improved, Instructed, Journeyman, Just right, Justified, Knowledgeable, Landlocked, Leavened, Likely, Limited, Merited, Meshing, Metamorphosed, Metastasized, Mitigated, Moderated, Modified, Modulated, Mutant, Narrow, On the button, Opportune, Partial, Pat, Patented, Prepared, Prescribed, Proficient, Proper, Proscribed, Proved, Provisional, Ready, Rebuilt, Reformed, Relevant, Renewed, Reserved, Restricted, Revived, Revolutionary, Right, Seasonable, Seasoned, Skilled, Snowbound, Softened, Sortable, Stinted, Strait, Straitened, Subversive, Suitable, Suited, Suiting, Tailored, Talented, Tempered, Tested, To the point, To the purpose, Trained, Transformed, Translated, Transmuted, Tried, Unmitigated, Up to, Up to snuff, Warranted, Well-earned, Well-fitted, Well-informed, Well-qualified, Well-suited, Wicked, Windbound, With voice, With vote, Worse, Worthy

Meaning of Qualified & Qualified Definition