Qualified Trust

Qualified Trust,

What is The Meaning of Qualified Trust?

  1. You can define Qualified Trust as, A trust that meets the requirements is a strong relationship between the employer and the employee with tax rights in the form of stock bonuses, annual or profit sharing plans. In a trust, beneficiaries can determine the minimum distribution amount (RMD) based on their expected age. However, other considerations such as gender, race or salary cannot be taken into account.

    • Eligible trust is a bonus, pension or benefit sharing plan that the employer has created for its employees.
    • Eligible trusts are tax-effective as long as they do not meet the requirements of the IRS.
    • In terms of benefits, an employer may consider the expected age of its employees, but does not take into account the employee's current race, gender, religion or salary.

Literal Meanings of Qualified Trust


Meanings of Qualified:
  1. Be officially recognized as qualified to perform certain certified tasks.

Sentences of Qualified
  1. I can only rate this rating as a high-level success

Synonyms of Qualified

licensed, cautious, guarded, restricted, chartered, bounded, certificated, circumscribed, certified, limited, reserved, equivocal, tentative, conditional, contingent, hesitant, professional


Meanings of Trust:
  1. Someone's credibility, truth, skill or someone's strength or strong belief in something.

  2. A contract in which an individual (sincere) owns the property as a nominal owner for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries.

  3. Big companies trying to gain monopoly control in the market.

  4. Business credit

  5. Hope or optimism

  6. Believe in reliability, truth, skill or power.

  7. Credit permission for (customer)

Sentences of Trust
  1. Relationships should be based on trust

  2. A relationship of trust has been established

  3. He himself uses the language of progressive reformist rhetoric to turn the store and its followers into wealthy, monopolistic and powerful people.

  4. My boss trusts the brewery

  5. Feminine any great faith

  6. I shouldn't believe it

  7. No one is forbidden to trust the sailor

Synonyms of Trust

keeping, sureness, pin one's hopes on, care, freedom from doubt, credence, have faith in, put one's trust in, confidence, certainty, belief, reliance, have confidence in, charge, place one's trust in, certitude, safe keeping, have every confidence in, custody, believe in