Qualified / Nonqualified

Qualified / Nonqualified,

Definition of Qualified / Nonqualified:

  • Qualified / Nonqualified can be defined as, These terms indicate whether dollars are contributed before or after taxes. Partnerships that meet the requirements come from funds that are not taxed, for example. B. Money withheld from your 401 (k) salary. Partnerships that do not meet the requirements are charged with the amount taxed. B. The check you wrote to your Ruth IRA.

Literal Meanings of Qualified / Nonqualified


Meanings of Qualified:
  1. Be officially recognized as qualified to perform certain certified tasks.

  2. Able or capable of doing something.

Sentences of Qualified
  1. Daycare centers earn more money to pay more qualified employees.

  2. The program has been expanded to include 23 senior teachers.

  3. Classes are conducted by qualified teachers.

  4. This is a powerful way for any potential fitness client to determine if they need trained professional services.

  5. Hard cheese is made by hand, not by machines, with open money by experienced cheese makers.

  6. Treatment must be done by a healthy professional.

  7. The military alone is unable to retain highly qualified personnel or truly educated personnel.

  8. About 600 staff members have been assigned to different teams.

  9. A fully qualified physical control instructor program, designed specifically for each stage of pregnancy, will ensure that you feel good at all times.

  10. Previously, financial matters were handled by qualified accountants and financial advisors.

Synonyms of Qualified

licensed, equivocal, hesitant, chartered, tentative, professional, bounded, cautious, guarded, contingent, conditional, restricted, certificated, reserved, circumscribed