Qualified Electric Vehicle

Qualified Electric Vehicle,

Qualified Electric Vehicle Meanings:

  1. Eligible electric vehicles are vehicles that allow their owners to receive a non-refundable tax credit at the time of purchase. Eligible electric vehicles must have at least four wheels and be designed for general use. In addition, it needs to be driven primarily by an electric motor, which draws its charge from a recharging battery or fuel cell. This car can be driven almost exclusively in the United States.

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Meanings of Qualified:
  1. Recognized as a person qualified to perform formally certified jobs.

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Sentences of Qualified
  1. Newly trained nurse

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Synonyms of Qualified

hesitant, bounded, tentative, circumscribed, restricted, contingent, reserved, certificated, guarded, equivocal, certified, professional, limited, licensed, cautious, chartered, conditional


Meanings of Electric:
  1. Electric train or other vehicle.

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Sentences of Electric
  1. I have been using electricity for years because I always have problems with the blade, especially in my neck.

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electrifying, galvanic, charged, voltaic, generated by electricity, tense


Meanings of Vehicle:
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Sentences of Vehicle
  1. Car skidding on the road

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Synonyms of Vehicle

medium, automobile, means, agency, agent, means of transport, machinery, motorized vehicle, motor vehicle, machine, instrument, structure, mechanism, organ, conveyance, channel, means of expression, apparatus