Qualified Appraisal

Qualified Appraisal,

Qualified Appraisal: What is the Meaning of Qualified Appraisal?

  • The eligibility assessment is one that meets the requirements set out by the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) and is administered by a qualified reviewer. Eligibility is assessed 60 days before the property is donated.

Literal Meanings of Qualified Appraisal


Meanings of Qualified:
  1. Be officially recognized as qualified to perform certain certified tasks.

Sentences of Qualified
  1. I can only classify this rating as a high level of success

Synonyms of Qualified

certified, certificated, chartered, licensed, professional, limited, conditional, restricted, bounded, contingent, circumscribed, reserved, guarded, cautious, hesitant, tentative, equivocal


Meanings of Appraisal:
  1. The process of testing something or someone.

Sentences of Appraisal
  1. This report was reviewed

Synonyms of Appraisal

assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgement, rating, gauging, sizing up, summing-up, consideration