Qualified Actuary

Qualified Actuary,

Qualified Actuary: What is the Meaning of Qualified Actuary?

  • A person who, in accordance with the Aquarius Opinion Standards for Aquarius Opinion Standards in the United States, has the basic educational, experience, and training requirements for a given Actual Aptitude Criteria, NAIC Annual Property and Loss Statement (it varies by industry). Happens). Eligible to sign a claim clause recognized by the American Academy of Actuaries and in good standing with the American Academy of Actuarians and by the American Academy of Actuarial Practice Board.

Literal Meanings of Qualified Actuary


Meanings of Qualified:
  1. Recognized as a qualified person to perform formally certified jobs.

  2. Not completely or completely limited.

Sentences of Qualified
  1. Newly trained nurse

  2. I can only classify this CD as a mixed hit

Synonyms of Qualified

reserved, professional, restricted, bounded, equivocal, licensed, cautious, conditional, tentative, circumscribed, guarded, certificated, hesitant, contingent, chartered, certified, limited


Meanings of Actuary:
  1. Someone who collects data, analyzes it and uses it to calculate insurance risks and premiums.

Sentences of Actuary
  1. Each year, the Pension Fund Manager prepares a report, and every three years Actuary makes an assessment that analyzes the financial risk.

  2. The insured then receives the amount of the contract provision, which is calculated based on the amount paid so far by the acquirer.

  3. The company says its activities calculate the value of its membership throughout the year based on the likelihood of a claim and the climate of common litigation in the area in question.

  4. We also provide modeling support for insurers working on bespoke insurance products for insurance companies or large corporations.

  5. Life expectancy is a term used by actuaries, people who calculate insurance usage statistics and probabilities.

  6. Responsible actors and pension fund trustees never let that happen.

  7. As a result, actors say the pension fund has too much money.

Qualified Actuary,

What is Qualified Actuary?

  1. Qualified Actuary refers to An individual meets basic education, training, and professional development needs (they vary by industry). Published in Actuarial Eligibility Standards with the Academy of Actuaries and the American Academy of Actuarians.

Literal Meanings of Qualified Actuary


Meanings of Qualified:
  1. The officer is qualified to perform certain certified activities.

  2. You are entitled to special benefits or privileges subject to the necessary conditions.

  3. Recognition as an exercise in a particular profession or activity, usually through participation in courses and exams.

  4. (Inform or announce) Make less absolute bookings.

  5. Assigns a property (other words, especially nouns) (of a word or phrase).

Sentences of Qualified
  1. I can only rate this CD as a mixed hit.

  2. A retiree who is not entitled to financial assistance.

  3. Training is needed to become a lawyer.

  4. Feel compelled to rate the short answer first.

Synonyms of Qualified

abate, adjusted, skilled, temper, count, be eligible, decrease, equipped, soften, prepared, adept, tempered, trained, add to, tone down, add a rider to, reduce, be authorized, proficient, pass, get through, diminish, make conditional