Definition of Qualification:

  1. A statement or assertion that makes another less absolute.

  2. A quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity.

  3. Capacity, knowledge, or skill that matches or suits an occasion, or makes someone eligible for a duty, office, position, privilege, or status. Qualification denotes fitness for purpose through fulfillment of necessary conditions such as attainment of a certain age, taking of an oath, completion of required schooling or training, or acquisition of a degree or diploma. Qualification does not necessarily imply competence.

  4. The attribution of a quality to a word, especially a noun.

  5. Precise limitation (from general to particular) of language, scope, or terms that would otherwise be interpreted broadly or differently.

  6. The action or fact of qualifying or being eligible for something.

Synonyms of Qualification

Ability, Ableness, About-face, Acceptability, Accommodation, Adaptation, Adequacy, Adjustment, Admissibility, Allowance, Alteration, Amelioration, Apostasy, Applicability, Appositeness, Appropriateness, Aptitude, Aptness, Betterment, Boundary, Bounds, Break, Bump, Caliber, Capability, Capableness, Capacity, Caveat, Change, Change of heart, Changeableness, Circumscription, Color, Competence, Competency, Condition, Conditioning, Confinement, Constructive change, Continence, Continuity, Conversion, Cramp, Cramping, Decontamination, Defection, Degeneration, Degenerative change, Desirability, Deterioration, Deviation, Difference, Discipline, Discontinuity, Divergence, Diversification, Diversion, Diversity, Dower, Dowry, Efficacy, Efficiency, Eligibility, Eligible, Enablement, Endowment, Equipment, Exception, Extenuating circumstances, Extenuation, Extenuative, Facility, Faculty, Felicity, Fit, Fitness, Fittedness, Fitting, Flair, Flip-flop, Forte, Furnishing, Genius, Gift, Gilding, Gloss, Gradual change, Improvement, Instinct, Know-how, Knowledge, Limit, Limitation, Long suit, Makings, Mastery, Maturity, Melioration, Metier, Might, Mitigation, Moderation, Modification, Modulation, Natural endowment, Natural gift, Overthrow, Palliation, Palliative, Parts, Potential, Power, Powers, Preparedness, Prerequisite, Prescription, Proficiency, Propriety, Proscription, Provision, Proviso, Radical change, Re-creation, Readiness, Realignment, Redesign, Reform, Reformation, Relevance, Remaking, Renewal, Requirement, Reservation, Reshaping, Restrain, Restriction, Restructuring, Reversal, Revival, Revivification, Revolution, Ripeness, Seasoning, Shift, Skill, Softening, Speciality, Stint, Stipulation, String, Strong flair, Strong point, Sudden change, Sufficiency, Suitability, Suitableness, Suitedness, Susceptibility, Switch, Talent, Talents, Tempering, Term, The goods, The stuff, Total change, Transition, Trim, Tuning, Turn, Turnabout, Upheaval, Variation, Variety, Varnish, Violent change, What it takes, Whitewash, Whitewashing, Worsening, Worthiness, Modification, Limitation, Restriction, Reservation, Stipulation, Allowance, Adaptation, Alteration, Adjustment, Amendment, Revision, Refinement, Moderation, Tempering, Softening, Lessening, Reduction, Mitigation

How to use Qualification in a sentence?

  1. I did not know if I had the right qualification to join the group and be a part of their inner circle.
  2. They need to beat Poland to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals.
  3. The qualification obtained by the analyst demonstrated their competence and we decided we needed someone like that on our team.
  4. This important qualification needs to be remembered when interpreting the results.
  5. Only one qualification required—a fabulous sense of humor.
  6. You should try to develop a rare skill and qualification to make yourself more marketable for a higher paying job.
  7. The first element in the phrase is an adverb, an adverbial qualification or an object (direct or indirect).

Meaning of Qualification & Qualification Definition