Definition of Qualification:

  1. Statements or statements that make the other person less absolute.

  2. The quality or performance that makes an individual suitable for a particular job or activity.

  3. Skills, knowledge or abilities that fit or adapt to an occasion or qualify an individual for a role, function, position, privilege or status. Qualification means the skill of working with the required requirements, for example B Reaching a certain age, taking an oath, completing the required education or training or obtaining a diploma. Qualification does not always mean competition.

  4. Assign quality to words, especially names.

  5. Appropriate range of language, scope, or terms (specific to general) that will be interpreted broadly or in a variety of ways.

  6. Ac actions or facts to qualify or qualify for something.

Synonyms of Qualification

Equipment, Varnish, Reform, Dower, Appropriateness, Power, Whitewashing, Forte, Lessening, Restructuring, Efficiency, Adjustment, Mitigation, Color, Aptness, Alteration, Confinement, Talents, Tuning, Caveat, Variation, Upheaval, Renewal, Strong point, Seasoning, Mastery, Maturity, Improvement, Capacity, Amendment, Prerequisite, Worthiness, Adjustment, Change of heart, Tempering, Alteration, Whitewash, Condition, Degenerative change, Variety, Facility, Cramp, Turnabout, Suitableness, Caliber, Palliation, Softening, About-face, Reservation, Overthrow, Eligible, Natural gift, Limitation, Felicity, Makings, Enablement, Modification, Stint, Gradual change, Conversion, Term, Revivification, Continence, Instinct, Metier, Break, Betterment, Adequacy, Extenuation, Bounds, Reformation, Genius, Palliative, Moderation, Suitedness, ■■■■■■■■ Readiness, Faculty, Proscription, Aptitude, Preparedness, Melioration, Discontinuity, Bump, Diversity, Violent change, Re-creation, Propriety, Gloss, What it takes, Accommodation, Changeableness, Cramping, Transition, Flip-flop, Competency, Susceptibility, Admissibility, Provision, The goods, Softening, Flair, String, Restrain, ■■■■■■■■■■■ Extenuative, Turn, Allowance, Ability, Modification, Skill, Appositeness, Total change, Might, Discipline, Efficacy, Continuity, Modulation, Stipulation, Restriction, Acceptability, Redesign, Reversal, Divergence, Limit, Stipulation, Shift, Potential, Reshaping, Proviso, Capability, Knowledge, Sufficiency, Diversification, Revival, Applicability, Radical change, Revision, Degeneration, Apostasy, Switch, The stuff, Fit, Talent, Long suit, Allowance, Boundary, Relevance, Change, Natural endowment, Restriction, Ripeness, Deviation, Defection, Speciality, Constructive change, Competence, Fitness, Circumscription, Prescription, Reduction, Capableness, Reservation, Decontamination, Amelioration, Requirement, Remaking, Strong flair, Furnishing, Sudden change, Ableness, Eligibility, Know-how, Conditioning, Diversion, Adaptation, Exception, Trim, Moderation, Mitigation, Difference, Realignment, Parts, Gilding, Suitability, Revolution, Adaptation, Dowry, Gift, Extenuating circumstances, Limitation, Proficiency, Worsening, Desirability, Deterioration, Powers, Refinement, Tempering, Endowment

How to use Qualification in a sentence?

  1. I don't know if I'm qualified enough to join the group and be part of their inner circle.
  2. You need to beat Poland to qualify for the World Cup.
  3. The analyst's review proved its worth and we decided that we needed someone like that in our team.
  4. This important capability should be kept in mind while interpreting the results.
  5. Only one skill is needed: a great sense of humor.
  6. For better paying jobs they should try to develop exceptional skills and qualifications so that they can be marketed as much as possible.
  7. The first element of a sentence is the noun verb, the adjective heat or object (direct or indirect).

Meaning of Qualification & Qualification Definition

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