Q Tip In Spanish

Q Tip In Spanish

Do you say qtip / cotton s in Spanish? 3


Cotton / cotton swab = cotton


Cotton s = oncillo de alón

You cannot translate qtip as your name. In Spain, we do not have the name we usually use for cotton (as opposed to clinics, for example).

And I think it's just my clean little ears. In each lap I have to dry my ears with a cotton swab, otherwise the water will come in and bother me again and again. It's a terrible tickle. But sometimes it feels good to let the creature flow from one ear, such a beautiful feeling of annoyance ... sshhhhhhhhh ...

Qtip is a proper name, so it can be called Qtip. For example, e is an appropriate name. So if you are traveling to a Spanish speaking country you can ask and they will know what you are talking about.

Q Tip In Spanish