What is The Definition of Puts?

  • Puts refers to An input option is a specific option to sell shares for a fixed period of time at a certain price. Depending on the holding period of the shares, the loss on the put option is short term.

Meanings of Puts

  1. Move or stay in a special position.

  2. Bring special terms and conditions.

  3. Throwing as sport (punch or weight)

  4. Flows in a certain direction (from the river).

  5. One shot or one weight

  6. Put the mean option

Sentences of Puts

  1. I held my hand

  2. They try to make me feel good

  3. She set a female record by setting a shot 567

  4. A small river flows from southwest to Warner.

  5. Nichols posted 61.05 on his third attempt.

  6. By placing a put option, you agree to purchase shares from the put option holder at a specified price.

Synonyms of Puts

situate, settle, position, lay down, set down, deposit, place, lay, set, put down

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What Does Puts Mean?

  • Meaning of Puts: A put option is an option to hold a certain number of shares within a specified period. The put option has a fixed or maturity or long term depending on the location of the stock under discussion.

Meanings of Puts

  1. Move it or place it in a special position.

  2. Placed in a specific state or state.

  3. (From the river) they flow in a certain direction.

  4. Throw the ball or shoot

  5. This means opting.

Sentences of Puts

  1. I held out my hand.

  2. She set a female record by making 56 pictures.

Synonyms of Puts

pose, prop, leave, ■■■■, pop, lean, stick, park, plant, dump, stow, plunk, plonk