Putative Class Action

Putative Class Action,

Putative Class Action means,

  1. Putative Class Action definition is: An action has been taken by one or more named plaintiffs by a potential group of similarly located people (called a group) who allegedly suffered a joint action. Therefore, the alleged class action action means that the group has not been confirmed by the court. If the court upholds a class action, the matter becomes a class action.

Literal Meanings of Putative Class Action


Meanings of Putative:
  1. Usually considered or concerned.

Sentences of Putative
  1. Author's estimate

Synonyms of Putative

putative, apparent, ostensible, specious, alleged, seeming, purported, reputed, claimed, rumoured


Meanings of Class:
  1. Assign a specific category or consider belonging to a particular category.

  2. A set or category of things that have the same characteristics or characteristics and are different from others in terms of gender, type or quality.

  3. A community organizing system in which people are divided into groups according to their perceptions of social or economic status.

  4. A group of students study together.

  5. Show a nice edge.

Sentences of Class
  1. Behavior that is described as criminal

  2. Accommodation is good for a hotel in this category.

  3. Classes that are socially backward

  4. Selected students attend as representatives of the entire class.

Synonyms of Class

school group, rate, grouping, masterly, superlative, wonderful, group, social division, rank, variety, fine, genre, adept, first-rate, very good, classify, skilful, band, marvellous, order, magnificent, caste, champion, categorize, outstanding, formidable, social stratum, type, excellent


Meanings of Action:
  1. Usually, the act or process of doing something to achieve a goal.

  2. One thing acted.

  3. The method or method of doing something, usually the way a method or person moves.

  4. An armed conflict

  5. The case is pending in the court.

Sentences of Action
  1. Promise action against the perpetrators again and again

  2. Often question their actions

  3. Weapons have stable speed and action

  4. Soldiers missing during the war

  5. Compensation requests

Synonyms of Action

battle, legal contest, working, venture, movement, undertaking, combat, gesture, activity, endeavour, measures, operation, legal action, litigation, legal dispute, case, conflict, act, war, cause, suit, enterprise, armed conflict, hostilities, work, steps