Definition of Put:

  1. The ability to sell a stock at a set price.

  2. (of a river) flow in a particular direction.

  3. Throw (a shot or weight) as an athletic sport.

  4. Short for put option.

  5. Bring into a particular state or condition.

  6. A throw of a shot or weight.

  7. Move to or place in a particular position.

Synonyms of Put

Boeotian, Affirm, Air, Allege, Announce, Annunciate, Apply, Approximate, Argue, Ascribe, Assert, Assess, Assever, Asseverate, Assign, Attach, Attribute, Aver, Avouch, Avow, Block, Blockhead, Boob, Bowl, Burden with, Buy in, Buy into, Call, Cast, Catapult, Change of pace, Change-up, Charge, Chuck, Chunk, Clod, Conceive, Concenter, Concentrate, Contend, Couch, Couch in terms, Couched, Curve, Dart, Dash, Declare, Demand, Dimwit, Dolt, Donkey, Dope, Downcurve, Dullard, Dumb cluck, Dumbbell, Dummy, Dunce, Embody in words, Enjoin, Enunciate, Establish, Exact, Express, Expressed, Fastball, Fasten upon, Financier, Fire, Fix, Fixate, Fling, Flip, Focus, Fork, Formularize, Formulate, Formulated, Forward pass, Frame, Freight with, Give, Give expression to, Give words to, Gowk, Have, Heave, Hold, Hurl, Hurtle, Idiot, Impose, Impose on, Impose upon, Impute, Incurve, Inflict on, Inflict upon, Insist, Invest, Invest in, Issue a manifesto, Jerk, Jobbernowl, Judge, Knuckleball, Lackwit, Lamebrain, Lance, Lateral, Lateral pass, Launch, Lay, Lay down, Lay on, Lay out money, Let fly, Levy, Lightweight, Lob, Looby, Loon, Maintain, Make an investment, Manifesto, Moron, Niais, Nincompoop, Ninny, Ninnyhammer, Nitwit, Noddy, Option, Outcurve, Paragraph, Park, Pass, Peg, Pelt, Phrase, Phrased, Pitch, Pitchfork, Place, Plow back into, Plunge, Pose, Posit, Post, Predicate, Prefer, Present, Presented, Proclaim, Profess, Pronounce, Proposition, Propound, Protest, Put and call, Put down, Put in words, Put it, Put on, Put the shot, Put upon, Reckon, Refer, Reinvest, Render, Rhetorize, Right, Risk, Rivet, Saddle with, Say, Screwball, Seat, Serve, Service, Set, Set down, Set out, Settle, Shot-put, Shy, Simpleton, Sink, Sink money in, Sinker, Slider, Sling, Snap, Speak, Speak out, Speak up, Speculate, Spitball, Spitter, Spread, Stand for, Stand on, State, Station, Stick, Stock option, Straddle, Strap, Strip, Stupid, Style, Styled, Subject to, Submit, Suggest, Task, Tax, Thickwit, Throw, Tilt, Toss, Transpose, Turn, Upcurve, Vent, Ventilate, Venture, Weight down with, Witling, Word, Worded, Yoke with, Place, Set, Put down, Set down, Lay, Lay down, Deposit, Situate, Position, Settle

How to use Put in a sentence?

  1. Nichols recorded a put of 61.05 on his third attempt.
  2. I put my hand out toward her.
  3. If you sell a put, youve agreed to buy stock at a certain price from the owner of the put.
  4. She set a womens record by putting the shot 56 7.
  5. A small river puts into Warner Lakes from the southwest.
  6. They tried to put me at ease.

Meaning of Put & Put Definition


What is The Definition of Put?

A sale is an agreement of authority that gives the owner the right to sell a specific value of the underlying asset for a fixed price over a specified period of time, but is not obligated to do so. The put option buyer assumes that the underlying stock will fall below the strike price before the closing date. The strike price is the price at which the reference asset must be reached in order to contract the opt-out option to maintain its price.

  • A sale gives the owner the right to sell the underlying shares at a fixed price for a specified period of time, not an obligation.
  • The value of these options increases when the price of the underlying shares decreases, while the value of the reverse options decreases when the value of the underlying shares increases.
  • When an investor buys an option, he expects the underlying stock price to fall.

Meanings of Put

  1. Move or stay in a special position.

  2. Bring special terms and conditions.

  3. Throw as sport (punch or weight)

  4. Flows in a certain direction (from the river).

  5. One shot or one weight

  6. Put the mean option

Sentences of Put

  1. I held my hand

  2. They try to make me feel good

  3. She set a female record by setting a shot 567

  4. A small river flows from southwest to Warner.

  5. Nichols posted 61.05 on his third attempt.

  6. By selling the input option, you agree to purchase the shares from the input option holder at a specified price.