Put Option Volume

Put Option Volume,

Definition of Put Option Volume:

  1. The number of input option contracts that are traded in a given market for a specified period.

Literal Meanings of Put Option Volume


Meanings of Put:
  1. Move or stay in a special position.

  2. Bring special terms and conditions.

  3. Throwing as sport (punch or weight)

  4. Flows in a certain direction (from the river).

  5. One shot or one weight

  6. Put the mean option

Sentences of Put
  1. I went with him

  2. They try to make me feel good

  3. She set a women's record with 567 shots

  4. A small stream flows into the Warner Lakes in the southwest.

  5. Nichols posted 61.05 on his third attempt.

  6. By selling the input option, you agree to buy the shares from the input option holder at a fixed price.

Synonyms of Put

situate, deposit, lay down, position, set down, set, settle, lay, put down, place


Meanings of Option:
  1. Anything that can be selected.

  2. Aggressive game where the ball carrier has the option to run, pass, pass or play late.

Sentences of Option
  1. Your second script has been selected while reading

Synonyms of Option

possibility, choice, course of action, recourse, alternative


Meanings of Volume:
  1. A book that is part of a work or series.

  2. The amount of space that a substance or object occupies or closes in a container, especially if the container is large.

  3. The amount or level of sound intensity power.

Sentences of Volume
  1. A three-volume biography of George Bernard Shaw

  2. The drain cannot adjust the amount of rainwater

  3. Increase the volume of the radio

Synonyms of Volume

mass, magnitude, loudness, largeness, size, bigness, extent, bulk, amplification, cubic measure, capacity, sound, extensiveness