Put-Call Parity

Put-Call Parity,

What is The Meaning of Put-Call Parity?

Definition of Put-Call Parity: Pittal parity is the principle that explains the relationship between the price of a European input option and the same class of European call options, that is, on the same basis, the cost of the same exercise and the same maturity date.

  • Indicates a relationship between a buy / sell parity that should exist between the European input and call options with the same underlying asset, maturity and strike price.
  • The put / call parity indicates that the price of the call option means a particularly reasonable price for a put option that is equal to the cost of the same exercise and the same maturity (and vice versa).
  • When there is a difference between call and put prices, there are opportunities for mediation that make some traders profitable without any risk.

Literal Meanings of Put-Call Parity


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