Definition of Push:

  1. Internet: (1) Broadcasting information (via emails or automatic uploading) at predetermined intervals without every time seeking recipients prior permission. (2) Computer program that automatically retrieves updated information from specified websites and presents it to the user at predetermined times.

  2. Exert force on (someone or something), typically with ones hand, in order to move them away from oneself or the origin of the force.

  3. Marketing: Creation of demand through filling the retailers shelves by giving them incentives (called push money) to stock large volumes. See also push promotional strategy.

  4. An act of exerting force on someone or something in order to move them away from oneself.

  5. A vigorous effort to do or obtain something.

  6. Prepare (a stack) to receive a piece of data on the top.

  7. Compel or urge (someone) to do something, especially to work hard.

  8. Move forward by using force to pass people or cause them to move aside.

  9. Develop (a film) so as to compensate for deliberate underexposure.

  10. Manufacturing: Buying inventory of materials, parts, subassemblies, etc., based on the firms production plan, and distributing it to the production center(s) at a predetermined rate. See also push system.

  11. Promote the use, sale, or acceptance of.

Synonyms of Push

Endeavour, Striving, Effort, Exertion, Labour, Work, Toiling, Pains, Force, Force ones way, Shove, Thrust, Squeeze, Jostle, Elbow, Shoulder, Shove, Thrust, Propel, Impel, Assertive, Thrusting, Pushing, Ambitious, Driven, Aggressive, Forceful, Forward, Obtrusive, Bold, Brash, Bumptious, Arrogant, Officious, Bossy, Presumptuous, Full of oneself, Self-assertive, Overbearing, Domineering, Confident, Overconfident, Cocksure, Advertise, Publicize, Promote, Give publicity to, Bang the drum for, Beat the drum for, Popularize, Shove, Thrust, Ram, Bump, Knock, Hit, Jolt, Butt, Prod, Poke, Elbow, Nudge, Shoulder, Jostle, Accelerate, Actuate, Advance, Advance against, Advance upon, Adventuresomeness, Adventurousness, Advertise, Advocate, Aggrandize, Aggravated assault, Aggression, Aggressiveness, Ambition, Ambitiousness, Amperage, Amphibious attack, Apply pressure, Armed assault, Armipotence, Ask, Assailing, Assailment, Assault, Attack, Augment, Authority, Badger, Ballyhoo, Bang, Banzai attack, Bear, Bear down upon, Bear upon, Bearing, Beat it, Beef, Beef up, Beg, Beset, Besiege, Black power, Black-market, Black-marketeer, Blandish, Blitz, Blitzkrieg, Boost, Bootleg, Bowl, Breakthrough, Browbeat, Brush aside, Brush off, Brute force, Buck, Bug, Build, Bull, Bulldoze, Bully, Bullyrag, Bump, Bump against, Bunch, Bundle, Bunt, Burden, Bustle, Butt, Butt against, Buttonhole, Cajole, Call on, Call upon, Campaign, Charge, Charisma, Circle, Climacteric, Clout, Clutch, Coax, Coerce, Cogence, Cogency, Compel, Compound, Compulsion, Constrain, Constraint, Continue, Convergence of events, Counterattack, Counteroffensive, Coup de main, Cow, Cram, Crippling attack, Crisis, Critical juncture, Critical point, Crossroads, Crowd, Crucial period, Crunch, Crush, Dash, Dead set at, Deny, Depart, Depress, Descent on, Determination, Die trying, Dig, Dint, Dismissal, Dispatch, Diversion, Diversionary attack, Domineer, Dragoon, Drive, Drive on, Driving force, Drove, Dun, Duress, Dynamism, Eagerness, Effect, Effectiveness, Effectuality, Effort, Egg on, Elbow, Emergency, Encourage, Energy, Enlarge, Enterprise, Enterprisingness, Enthusiasm, Entreat, Exert pressure, Exhort, Exigency, Expand, Expedite, Extremity, Fence, Fire, Flank, Flank attack, Flower power, Foray, Force, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Forge ahead, Forward, Frontal attack, Full blast, Full force, Gas, Gas attack, Get, Get moving, Get-up-and-get, Get-up-and-go, Getup, Ginger, Go, Go ahead, Go all out, Go away, Go slow, Go-ahead, Go-getting, Go-to-itiveness, Goad, Group, Gumption, Harass, Haste, Hasten, Hasten on, Head, Head-on attack, Hie on, High-pressure, Hinge, Hit the road, Horde, Hound, Hunch, Hurry, Hurry along, Hurry on, Hurry up, Hurtle, Hustle, Hustle up, Hype, Impel, Impetus, Importune, Impulse, Impulsion, Incentive, Inch forward, Incitation, Incite, Incitement, Incursion, Induce, Infiltrate, Infiltration, Influence, Initiative, Insist, Insist upon, Instigation, Intimidate, Invasion, Jab, Jam, Jawbone, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Kick, Launch, Launch an attack, Leave, Light out, Lightning attack, Lightning war, Lobby, Lot, Magnify, Main force, Main strength, Make, Make things hum, Mana, March against, March upon, Mass attack, Megadeath, Might, Might and main, Mightiness, Mobilize, Moonshine, Motivate, Motive power, Mount an attack, Move, Moxie, Muddle through, Mugging, Multitude, Muscle power, Nag, Nag at, Notice, Nudge, Offense, Offensive, Onset, Onslaught, Open an offensive, Overburden, Overkill, Oversell, Overstrain, Overtax, Panzer warfare, Pass, Pedal, Peddle, Pep, Pepper, Persuade, Pester, Pile drive, Pinch, Piss and vinegar, Pizzazz, Plague, Plead with, Plug, Ply, Poke, Pole, Poop, Potence, Potency, Potentiality, Power, Power pack, Power structure, Power struggle, Powerfulness, Precipitate, Prepotency, Press, Press forward, Press on, Pressure, Proceed, Prod, Productiveness, Productivity, Promote, Prompt, Propagandize, Propel, Propellant, Propelling, Propelment, Propulsion, Publicize, Puff, Puissance, Pull, Pulsion, Punch, Push forward, Push off, Push on, Push through, Pushfulness, Pushiness, Pushing, Pushingness, Quicken, Raid, Railroad, Railroad through, Ram, Ram down, Rash impulse, Rattle, Rebuff, Recommend, Reject, Roll, Rouse, Row, Rub, Run, Run against, Run at, Rush, Rush along, Sail away, Sally, Scram, Scramble, Set, Set in motion, Shake, Shock tactics, Shoot ahead, Shoulder, Shove, Shove off, Shoving, Shunt, Sinew, Skedaddle, Snap, Soft-soap, Sortie, Speed, Speed along, Speed up, Spirit, Spunk, Spur, Squab, Squash, Squeeze, Squish, Stampede, Starch, Steam, Step lively, Stimulate, Strain, Strait, Strength, Stress, Strike, Strong arm, Superiority, Superpower, Sweep, Sweep along, Sweet-talk, Take off, Tamp, Tax, Tease, The boot, The sack, Throng, Thrust, Torment, Treadle, Troll, Trundle, Try, Try again, Try and try, Try hard, Turn, Turning point, Tyrannize, Unprovoked assault, Up-and-comingness, Urge, Urgency, Validity, Vehemence, Venturesomeness, Venturousness, Verve, Vigor, Vim, Virility, Virtue, Virulence, Vitality, Walking papers, Wattage, Weight, Wheedle, Whip, Whip along, Work on, Zeal, Zing, Zip

How to use Push in a sentence?

  1. He closed the door with a push.
  2. Many clubs are joining in the fund-raising push.
  3. She believed he was pushing their daughter too hard.
  4. She pushed her glass toward him.
  5. She pushed her way through the crowded streets.

Meaning of Push & Push Definition

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