Purpose Code

Purpose Code,

What is The Definition of Purpose Code?

You can define Purpose Code as, Used for encoding specific transactions for reporting purposes through payment services.

Literal Meanings of Purpose Code


Meanings of Purpose:
  1. The reason for doing or doing something, or the reason for something to exist.

  2. You have a purpose.

Sentences of Purpose
  1. The purpose of this meeting is to appoint an administrator

  2. God allows suffering, even offers

Synonyms of Purpose

motive, motivation, grounds, cause, impetus, occasion, reason, point, basis, justification, intend, mean, aim, plan, design, have the intention, have in mind, have a mind


Meanings of Code:
  1. A system of words, letters, numbers, or other symbols instead of words, letters, and numbers, primarily for privacy purposes.

  2. Program instructions

  3. Systematically store rules or regulations.

  4. (Message words) to a specific code so that the hidden meaning is stated.

  5. Written code for (computer program)

  6. Provide genetic sequence (amino acids or proteins).

Sentences of Code
  1. The United States broke its diplomatic code

  2. Assembly code

  3. Criminal code

  4. Only Mitch could read the message, even his name was secret

  5. Like most C ++ code developers.

  6. Genes that secrete human growth hormone

Synonyms of Code

cipher, secret language, secret writing, set of symbols, key, hieroglyphics, law, laws, body of law, rules, regulations, constitution, system, charter, canon, jurisprudence