Definition of Purging:

  1. Cleaning out inactive or obsolete records or data from the set of active files (whether physical or computer-based) for archiving or destruction (deletion).

Synonyms of Purging

Absolution, Abstergent, Abstersion, Acquittal, Acquittance, Assassination, Bloody murder, Bowdlerization, Bumping-off, Catharsis, Cathartic, Cleaning, Cleansing, Clearance, Clearing, Compurgation, Deliverance, Depurative, Destigmatization, Destigmatizing, Detergent, Detersion, Discharge, Disculpation, Dismissal, Diuretic, Dry cleaning, Elimination, Emetic, Emotional release, Exculpation, Excuse, Exoneration, Explanation, Expurgation, Expurgatory, Forgiveness, Foul play, Freeing, Homicide, Intermission, Justification, Liquidation, Lustral, Lustration, Manslaughter, Murder, Pardon, Purgation, Purgative, Purge, Purification, Purificatory, Purifying, Quietus, Quittance, Rationalization, Rehabilitation, Reinstatement, Release, Remission, Removal, Reprieve, Respite, Restoration, Steam cleaning, Surcease, Suspension, Thuggee, Thuggery, Thuggism, Verdict of acquittal, Vindication

Meaning of Purging & Purging Definition