Pure Captive

Pure Captive,

Pure Captive:

An insurer owned by a company whose owner only risks the parent company or its subsidiaries. She is also known as the kidnapping single mother.

A captive insurance company whose primary purpose is to ensure the risks to its shareholders and its affiliates.

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Meanings of Pure:
  1. Not adulterated or mixed with other substances.

Sentences of Pure
  1. Cars can run on pure alcohol

Synonyms of Pure

100%, unadulterated, refined, solid, unalloyed, sterling, one hundred per cent, unmixed, unblended, uncontaminated


Meanings of Captive:
  1. A person who has been caught or an animal that has been imprisoned.

  2. Blocked or blocked.

Sentences of Captive
  1. Police handcuffed the detainees

  2. This property is used for captive fighters in captivity.

Synonyms of Captive

caged, locked up, incarcerated, inmate, detainee, convict, confined, penned up, prisoner