Purdy Puppy

Purdy Puppy

It is good? 3

Absolutely not! They are the best dog fixer and the worst dog crusher. They claim to have healthy rebellious dogs. I guarantee that no rebel will use any other service to take their children.


First of all, they sell cups of tea. No cup of tea. Some breeds have toys (such as toys), but no breed has a registered cup of tea. A cup of tea is nothing more than a pure dwarf. No rebel will sell a cup of tea.

Second, they sell a lot of offspring. Most rebels are sold at most one or two races. They can't spend enough time on their breeding program when they have 6 different breeds to work with (as all dogs change or have to work, even if your dog is planning a breed).

Third, where is the parent information? All the rebels exchange their players and the championship points they have. Why are there no parental photos or family history information? And your agreement is very bad. Good s offers lifetime health insurance against genetic defects. My sister Bernice Mountain Dog has epilepsy, a genetic disorder linked to a disease that halves her life expectancy. If my sister has a dog, they give her another dog at no extra cost. They also include a neutering agreement that must be legally enforced if the dog is not the dog it has agreed to.

Fourth, they sell MUTTS. No rebel will raise a stray dog ​​and certainly will not receive $ 500 for a dog. Due to flooding in shelters, the only dogs that can be bred are purebred dogs that are not well cared for, whether for skill, dexterity, agility or anything else, and They can really improve the race.

There is nothing wrong with mangrove dogs, but when there are millions of shelters, nothing will breed them! But it's a good idea to ask and make sure you have a good purpose. Find properties and buy purebred animals or go to animal shelters and save mixed breeds.

I was going to buy it from BB and I got the details you gave me. There is a couple caring for me who live 45 minutes away from my house. They have 3, but plan to get a cat from Germany this summer, Wom House Wagner Line. He also has a dog (male) and at the moment he has 10 great deer dogs. They are good rebels, they can't be good if I can persuade them to take my dogs to the harbor. They did all the necessary medical examinations (don't ask me, I'm only 13 and I don't know) and next week they will take their 4 puppy puppies to the doctor for a blood disorder test. All but one Dean, on the other hand, are from Poland, France or Germany and have grandparents and champion parents. These dogs are very cute, calm and muscular. They are the most beautiful shape without E and a shiny steel blue, but their shape is very different from American denizens. So they may not be well in any American country, they will have to go to another country to get the position they are entitled to and of course the AKC will not care. Think of it this way, but I think: Some companies may be very responsible, but not famous for not marketing their dogs. These dogs are not compatible with American dogs, but they do not change the quality of baby dogs.

Purdy Puppy