Purchasing Officer

Purchasing Officer,

What Does Purchasing Officer Mean?

Purchasing Officer refers to The company is responsible for purchasing goods, materials and services from employee suppliers and contractors.

Literal Meanings of Purchasing Officer


Meanings of Purchasing:
  1. Pull with a pulley or lever (rope, cable or anchor).

  2. Fixed contact or tightness

Sentences of Purchasing
  1. The horse's hooves struggle to prevent slippage

Synonyms of Purchasing

footing, snap up, firm contact, attachment, anchorage, obtain, invest in, pick up, hold, fingerhold, buy, support, foothold, toehold, come by, grasp, pay for, procure, take, secure, grip, acquire


Meanings of Officer:
  1. Hand over to military officers.

  2. A person who holds the position of command or authority in the army in a military, merchant navy, or passenger ship.

  3. Holders of public, civil or church office.

  4. Members of the category given in the order of honor

Sentences of Officer
  1. The elite continued to wield considerable political power and leadership

  2. He is also an army officer

  3. Probation Officer

  4. A large number of Yukon Order Pioneers officers and members attended.

Synonyms of Officer

executive, functionary, envoy, official, deputy, office-holder, agent, representative, office-bearer, administrator, committee member, public servant, bureaucrat, commissioner, board member, dignitary, messenger