Purchasing Group

Purchasing Group,

What is The Meaning of Purchasing Group?

  1. You can define Purchasing Group as, Approved by the Liability Risk Maintenance Act of 1986, a group was formed to obtain insurance for its members who face similar or related risks. By law, a group of buyers must reside in a particular state. Unlike risk-taking groups (GRRs), the shopping group is not a risk unit.

  2. Companies that provide insurance for similar business groups with similar exposure.

Literal Meanings of Purchasing Group


Meanings of Purchasing:
  1. Pull with a pulley or lever (rope, cable or anchor).

  2. Fixed contact or tightness

Sentences of Purchasing
  1. The horse's hooves struggle to prevent slipping

Synonyms of Purchasing

toehold, hold, secure, pick up, support, grasp, take, obtain, anchorage, fingerhold, snap up, pay for, footing, procure, come by, buy, acquire, firm contact, foothold, invest in, attachment, shop for, grip, put money into


Meanings of Group:
  1. Find them or put them in one or more groups.

  2. Multiple people or nearby objects either seen or arranged together.

Sentences of Group
  1. These bodies are divided into four different groups

Synonyms of Group

class, genus, species, bunch, kind, type, sort, clump, family, category, variety, lot, assemble, style, set, cluster, grouping, collect, classification, amass, breed, gather together, batch, mass, bracket