Definition of Purchase:

  1. To buy a product or service.

  2. The action of buying something.

  3. A hold or position on something for applying power advantageously, or the advantage gained by such application.

  4. A product or service that has been bought by an individual or business.

  5. Haul in (a rope or cable) or haul up (an anchor) by means of a pulley, lever, etc.

  6. Acquire (something) by paying for it; buy.

Synonyms of Purchase

Achieve, Acquire, Acquiring, Acquisition, Advantage, Approach, Ascendancy, Attain, Authority, Bear hug, Bite, Bribe, Buy, Buy back, Buy in, Buy into, Buy off, Buy on credit, Buy up, Buying, Charisma, Charm, Clamp, Clasp, Clench, Clinch, Cling, Clinging, Clout, Clutch, Complete a purchase, Consequence, Control, Corner, Corrupt, Credit, Death grip, Dominance, Domination, Edge, Effect, Embrace, Eminence, Enchantment, Engross, Esteem, Favor, Firm hold, Fix, Foothold, Footing, Footplate, Footrail, Footrest, Force, Gain, Get, Get at, Get to, Good feeling, Grapple, Grasp, Grease, Grease the palm, Grip, Gripe, Hold, Hug, Importance, Incidental power, Influence, Influentiality, Insinuation, Iron grip, Leadership, Leverage, Locus standi, Magnetism, Make a buy, Mastery, Moment, Monopolize, Nip, Obtain, Obtaining, Pay for, Pay off, Perch, Personality, Persuasion, Position, Potency, Power, Predominance, Preponderance, Pressure, Prestige, Procure, Procurement, Purchasing, Reach, Realize, Rebuy, Regrate, Reign, Repurchase, Repute, Rule, Say, Secure, Securing, Seizure, Stance, Stand, Standing, Standing place, Suasion, Suborn, Subtle influence, Suggestion, Support, Supremacy, Sway, Tackle, Take, Take care of, Tamper with, Tickle the palm, Tight grip, Toehold, Traction, Upper hand, Weight, Whip hand, Win, Grip, Firm contact, Attachment, Hold, Foothold, Footing, Toehold, Fingerhold, Anchorage, Support, Grasp, Buy, Acquire, Obtain, Pick up, Snap up, Take, Secure, Procure, Come by, Pay for, Shop for, Invest in, Put money into

How to use Purchase in a sentence?

  1. The horses hooves fought for purchase on the slippery pavement.
  2. Sometimes a major purchase will cost a whole lot of money and it will be up to you to figure out if its worth it.
  3. Mr. Gill spotted the manuscript at a local auction and purchased it for $1,500.
  4. The large number of videos currently available for purchase.
  5. The purchase was made by the marketing manager after it was signed off on by the vice president of sales.
  6. The president faced a lot of scrutiny after making a big land purchase in the Pacific Ocean that his opponents deemed unnecessary.

Meaning of Purchase & Purchase Definition