Purchase Multiple

Purchase Multiple,

Purchase Multiple:

  1. Purchase Multiple means: Value parameters related to the purchase price of a given investment. This is according to the P / L ratio used by the issuers.

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Meanings of Purchase:
  1. Lift (rope or cable) or lift (anchor) with pulley, lever etc.

  2. Something to use power wisely Some position or position, or the benefits of using it.

Sentences of Purchase
  1. The horse's hooves struggle to prevent slippage

Synonyms of Purchase

procure, obtain, anchorage, buy, put money into, firm contact, footing, grasp, pay for, hold, pick up, foothold, take, fingerhold, toehold, snap up, grip, attachment, support, acquire, secure, invest in, come by, shop for


Meanings of Multiple:
  1. A number that can be divided by another number in which there is no remainder.

  2. Arranging a terminal that allows connection to the circuit at one of several locations.

  3. These include many parties, elements or members.

Sentences of Multiple
  1. 15, 20 or the second multiplication of five

  2. Double capture