Pur Water Filter Yellow Light

Pur Water Filter Yellow Light

PUR water filter status indicator (green, orange, red) If the indicator turns red, right ...? 3

... the water shop is not leaking now?

I use a PUR filter on my fridge and on my faucet to get water. In 4,560 days after changing the filter the indicator light turns from green to red, but the water continues to flow for 6,090 days, if the filter is completely closed then I have to change the filter. Is the water clear when the control light turns red? I think so.

I use a similar filtration system during the operation, and the user manual states that the filter produces only clean filtered water and can be used until it is completely shut off. But the filter data only tells me to change the filter as soon as the light turns red. I think they just want to sell more filters.

Water flows even after the signal light turns red, even though it comes out at low pressure. I think that means your faucet filter will only last 4,560 days. Most refrigerator filters last for about 6 months and the indicator light turns red. I always change my mind when it turns red because I prefer proper flow of water and I don't want to spend a few more days losing the warranty of the refrigerator.

I'm also not sure if the low flow rate of the filter cap can interfere with the suction of ice cubes. You must set a limit to sell more filters. Their explanation, of course, is that they set limits so that you still have maximum power from the filtration system, and there it can be changed to lose a lot of efficiency.

I think when the indicator light turns red, you can safely use it for another week.

The light turns yellow

Pur Water Filter Yellow Light