Definition of Pull:

  1. Print (a proof).

  2. A printers proof.

  3. An act of taking hold of something and exerting force to draw it toward one.

  4. Cause (someone) to patronize, buy, or show interest in something; attract.

  5. Lean production: Generation of orders for inputs (material or parts) on the basis of their requirement (demand) created by the product as it is sold in the market. It is in opposition to stocking the inputs on the basis of projections in the firms production plan. See also pull system.

  6. Internet: Delivery of content initiated by the recipient, as opposed to push where the delivery is initiated by the sender.

  7. Cancel or withdraw (an entertainment or advertisement).

  8. A force drawing someone or something in a particular direction or course of action.

  9. Strike (a ball) in the direction of ones follow-through so that it travels to the left or, with a left-handed player, to the right.

  10. (of a vehicle or person) move steadily in a specified direction or to reach a specified point.

  11. Marketing: Creation of demand through advertising and other promotional methods, instead of forcing retailers to stock large volumes. See also pull promotional strategy.

  12. (of a lineman) withdraw from position and cross parallel to and behind the line of scrimmage to block opposing players for a runner.

  13. Exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement toward oneself.

Synonyms of Pull

Abandon, Accomplish, Adduct, Adduction, Affinity, Allure, Allurement, Amperage, Appeal, Apprehend, Armipotence, Arrest, Arrive, Assume, Attack, Attract, Attractance, Attraction, Attractiveness, Attractivity, Authority, Avulse, Back away, Back off, Back out, Backstairs influence, Be magnetic, Be paid, Beat a retreat, Beat it, Beef, Bend, Beverage, Bias, Bib, Black power, Blue, Blueprint, Boost, Booze, Bridle, Bring off, Bring out, Brute force, Buck up, Bumper, Bust, Call, Campaign for, Capillarity, Capillary attraction, Captivate, Capture, Carry out, Catch, Catch a crab, Centripetal force, Chaff, Chain-smoke, Charge, Charisma, Chaw, Check, Chew, Clout, Cogence, Cogency, Cold-type proof, Collar, Color proof, Come, Come up to, Complete, Compulsion, Computer proof, Connections, Constrain, Contain, Continue, Control, Cool, Cool off, Criticize, Crook, Cull, Curb, Curtail, Curve, Cut a crab, Cut out, Debase, Decelerate, Deflect, Degrade, Demolish, Depart, Deracinate, Destroy, Detach, Devastate, Deviate, Diffract, Diffuse, Dig out, Dig up, Diminish, Dint, Discredit, Disentangle, Disgrace, Dishonor, Disperse, Distort, Diverge, Divert, Do, Dogleg, Dompt, Draft, Drag, Drag out, Draggle, Drain the cup, Dram, Draw, Draw back, Draw in, Draw out, Draw towards, Draw up, Drawing, Drawing power, Drayage, Dredge, Dredge up, Drench, Drink, Drink in, Drink off, Drink to, Drink up, Drive, Drop, Duress, Earn, Effect, Effectiveness, Effectuality, Elongate, Encourage, Energy, Engrave, Enjoin, Entice, Eradicate, Evacuate, Evolve, Evulse, Excavate, Excise, Exsect, Extend, Extract, Extraction, Extricate, Fall back, Fascinate, Favor, Feather, Feather an oar, Flay, Flee, Flower power, Force, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Foundry proof, Full blast, Full force, Gain, Galley, Galley proof, Gargle, Get, Get better, Get out, Give up, Give way, Go, Go and do, Gouge out, Govern, Gravitation, Gravity, Grub up, Guard, Gulp, Guzzle, Hairpin, Hale, Halt, Haul, Haulage, Hauling, Have, Have an attraction, Have on, Heave, Heaving, Hectograph, Hinder, Hold, Hold at bay, Hold back, Hold fast, Hold in, Hold in leash, Hold up, Hoodwink, Hope for, Humiliate, Imbibe, Impel, Impress, Imprint, Improve, In, Influence, Inhalation, Inhale, Inhale snuff, Inhibit, Inside track, Interest, Issue, Jerk, Jigger, Jolt, Jump, Keep, Keep back, Keep from, Keep in, Keep in check, Keep under control, Knock, Land, Lap, Lay under restraint, Leave, Lengthen, Lengthen out, Let out, Level, Leverage, Libation, Live, Lower, Lug, Lure, Magnet, Magnetism, Magnetize, Main force, Main strength, Make fun of, Mana, Manage, Might, Might and main, Mightiness, Mimeograph, Mine, Moxie, Multigraph, Muscle, Muscle power, Mutual attraction, Nab, Nail, Nick, Nip, Oar, Obtain, Outpace, Outrun, Overexert, Overexertion, Overextend, Overextension, Overprint, Overstrain, Overstress, Overtax, Overtaxing, Pace, Paddle, Page proof, Pan, Peg, Perform, Perpetrate, Persuasion, Pick out, Pick up, Pinch, Pizzazz, Plate proof, Pledge, Pluck, Pluck out, Pluck up, Ply the oar, Poke fun at, Poop, Portion, Potation, Potence, Potency, Potentiality, Potion, Power, Power pack, Power structure, Power struggle, Powerfulness, Prepotency, Press, Press proof, Prestige, Print, Procure, Produce, Productiveness, Productivity, Progressive proof, Prohibit, Prolong, Prolongate, Proof, Proof sheet, Protract, Prove, Publish, Puff, Puissance, Pull a proof, Pull apart, Pull away, Pull back, Pull down, Pull for, Pull in, Pull off, Pull out, Pull strings, Pull through, Pull to pieces, Pull towards, Pull up, Pulling, Pulling power, Punch, Punt, Push, Put down, Put on, Put out, Put to bed, Put to press, Quaff, Quarry, Quit, Rack, Rag, Rake out, Rally, Raze, Reach, Recede, Receive, Recoil, Recover, Recuperate, Reduce, Refract, Rein, Rein in, Reissue, Relinquish, Remove, Rend, Reprint, Repro proof, Restrain, Retard, Retreat, Retrench, Revise, Rib, Ridicule, Rip off, Rip out, Root for, Root out, Root up, Round, Round of drinks, Row, Row away, Row dry, Run, Run down, Run off, Scatter, Scull, Secure, Seduction, Seductiveness, Select, Separate, Set back, Ship oars, Shoot, Shot, Shove, Shy, Sinew, Sip, Skew, Sky an oar, Slam, Slate, Slip, Slow down, Slurp, Smoke, Snake, Snifter, Snort, Snub, Special favor, Spin out, Spot, Stamp, Start, Steam, Stone proof, Stop, Strain, Strain every nerve, Straining, Straiten, Strength, Stress, Stress and strain, Stressfulness, Stretch, Stretch out, Strike, String out, Strong arm, Succeed, Suck, Suck in, Suckle, Suction, Sup, Superiority, Superpower, Support, Survive, Sweat blood, Swig, Swill, Sympathy, Take flight, Take in tow, Take into custody, Take off, Take on, Take out, Take snuff, Tauten, Tax, Taxing, Tear, Tear off, Tear out, Tease, Tense, Tension, Tighten, Tipple, Toast, Toss down, Toss off, Tot, Tow, Towage, Towing, Traction, Tractive power, Trail, Train, Trawl, Trial impression, Troll, Tug, Tug-of-war, Tugging, Turn, Turn tail, Twist, Twit, Unearth, Unravel, Uproot, Validity, Vandyke, Vehemence, Vigor, Vim, Virility, Virtue, Virulence, Vitality, Warp, Wash down, Wattage, Weed out, Weight, Wet, Win, Wire-pulling, Withdraw, Withhold, Wreck, Wrench, Wrest out, Yank, Zigzag, Attract, Draw, Pull in, Bring in, Lure, Charm, Engage, Enchant, Captivate, Bewitch, Seduce, Catch the eye of, Entice, Tempt, Beckon, Interest, Fascinate, Tug, Haul, Drag, Draw, Trail, Tow, Heave, Lug, Strain at, Jerk, Lever, Prise, Wrench, Wrest, Twist, Tug, Haul, Jerk, Heave, Set in print, Send to press, Run off, Preprint, Reprint, Pull, Proof, Copy, Reproduce, Page proof, Galley proof, Galley, Pull, Slip, Trial print, Tug, Towing, Haul, Pull, Drawing, Drag, Trailing, Trawl

How to use Pull in a sentence?

  1. Tourist attractions that pull in millions of foreign visitors.
  2. Proof ‘pulls’ of World War propaganda posters are quite rare.
  3. He may be their best ever lineman—he can run and pull with the best.
  4. Give the hair a quick pull and it comes out by the roots.
  5. The bus was about to pull away.
  6. The pull of the water tore her away.
  7. A proof sheet would be pulled, and read against the manuscript.
  8. He pulled the ball every time he hit a grounder.
  9. He pulled them down onto the couch.

Meaning of Pull & Pull Definition

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