Pull Strategy

Pull Strategy,

What Does Pull Strategy Mean?

Pull Strategy means, It is used to increase the demand for the product through end-user advertising and promotion rather than marketing channels. Distribute the product from seller to end user.

Literal Meanings of Pull Strategy


Meanings of Pull:
  1. Use force (something or something) to move you.

  2. (Vehicle or person) continues to reach a certain direction or a certain place.

  3. Update (someone), buy or show interest in something interesting.

  4. Pulling a weapon to attack or threaten someone.

  5. Damage due to abnormal stress (muscles, ligaments, etc.).

  6. Cancel or return (entertainment or promotion)

  7. (Ball) Hit the person who follows him so that he goes to the left or from the left hand to the right.

  8. (Via a midfielder) leaves the position and goes to stop the opponent with a runner behind the controversial and goal line.

  9. Print (test)

  10. Using force to grab something and pull it towards you.

  11. The force that drives someone or something in a certain direction or direction of action.

  12. Check the printer.

Sentences of Pull
  1. Put it on the sofa

  2. The bus is leaving

  3. Tourist attraction that attracts millions of foreign visitors

  4. A young girl does not shoot a thief every day

  5. In the first half of the game, the calf muscles are removed and must be replaced

  6. Whenever it hits the ground, it shoots

  7. He could be the biggest midfielder ever. He can run and perform at his best

  8. Prepare and read evidence against the prescription.

  9. Quickly remove the hair from the roots

  10. The force of the water tore it apart

  11. There is very little evidence of World War I propaganda posters.

Synonyms of Pull

trial print, tempt, preprint, pull, engage, bewitch, turn, lug, tow, haul, slip, heave, enchant, take out, reproduce, drag, draw, strain, fascinate, page proof, tug, reprint, withdraw, fish out, jerk


Meanings of Strategy:
  1. A plan of action or policy to achieve an important or common goal.

Sentences of Strategy
  1. Now is the time to develop an integrated economic strategy

Synonyms of Strategy

proposed action, game plan, blueprint, programme, schedule, master plan, policy, procedure, scheme, plan of action, approach, grand design, plan